Captain Albert Ball died, in combat, on 7th May 1917 after a short but fantastic military campaign.

On 9th May he was buried in a wooden coffin and given a full military funeral at Annoeullin cemetery.
(N.B. The authenticity of these funeral pictures can only be taken on trust)
After hearing the official news of the death of Albert Nottingham City Council held a meeting
and it was decided to fund a memorial to the cities favourite son. Click here to see the said
monument, which is situated in the grounds of Nottingham Castle.
The city of Nottingham held it's own Memorial service in June 1917, Click here to view it.

Albert Ball is the only Englishman buried in the German section of Annoeullin Cemetery in grave number 643.
Over the years the grave has been marked with three very different crosses/markers here they are below.
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The first cross for Albert's resting place
The second cross for the grave

Erected December 1918
This was made and put up by personnel of the
Number 207 Squadron of the Royal Air Force

Erected 1917
Made by the Germans.This can now be found at
Albert's old school - Trent College.

The final cross for the grave

Erected 1919
This was paid for by Albert's father.
The upkeep of which is still financed by him even today.